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Furnex Works presents to you our furnishing packages, each designed with your lifestyle needs in mind. 

Turning your house into a home

Why Furnex Works?

Top-notch beautiful interiors

We are your all-in-one interior designer, furniture manufacturer and lifestyle consultant. We help you create a fulfilling interior decor that matches your lifestyle, resulting in a home that both looks good and feels good!

Home of your dreams

Wall friendly

Our designs are all wall-friendly and do not require nailing, pinning, or any damage to the walls. There is no need tear down walls, make pockmark holes or make any permanent changes to the property. 

No fuss experience

Cheap is our middle name

We source extensively for the highest quality furniture at the lowest price. There are no hidden fees, everything is upfront. Our package runs from RM17,000 to RM38,000, making it amongst the cheapest you can find!

Budget friendly

Free Transport

100% free shipping. We will handle all the shipping, checking, and transport to your house.

We take care of everything for you!   

Free Installation

We will schedule a day with you, and install all the furniture at your house. Simply hand us the keys and we will take care of it! 


Champaign Bottle and Glasses


For a premium home experience, glam it up with our luxe furniture and decor, delivering a high class experience in a minimal budget. 

Modern, Glamourous and Elegant 

Buddha Statue

Sanctuary reflecting balance, harmony and relaxation within a spa-like environment, we promote a sense of depth and a warm welcome to all who enter. 

Calm, Spa like and Harmonious

Plants and Pottery

For those who prefer a stress-free environment, your home will feel calm and collected, offering tranquility to the eye and serenity to the soul. 

Simplicity and Sophistication 


" Very cheap, for the furniture they give "

" Furniture looks so  beautiful in my living room "

" So glad I bought from you, much cheaper than what I could find outside  "

Maya Aidi

Cho Swee Ang

Prasana Diya

Modern Building

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