Sanctuary reflecting balance, harmony and relaxation within a spa-like environment, we promote a sense of depth and a warm welcome to all who enter. 

Relaxation at it's finest

Following the Japanese philosophy of Zen, we create beautiful spaces where you can relax and enjoy yourself after a hard day at work. Setting the energy free in the space, your home will be as a flow of clear water: an open, unrestricted habitat in which rooms dissolve easily into each other, doorways are near-invisible portals, the eye is drawn forward into empty space.


Oasis away from the city 

Transforming urban spaces to create the ultimate getaway- within the confines of your own home! Disconnect from the outside world as you enter, placing your mind completely at ease. 

Home Decor

Naturalness in all forms

Open and airy, with earthy tones, we highlight the natural light in your rooms and create an environment that is relaxing, contemplative, visually balanced and appealing. We use pale, soft shades blending into a sense of chromatic harmony.


Homemade Natural Soap